Log4j Lessons Learned:

How to Prepare Your Company to Respond to the Next Zero-Day Vulnerability

Like other headline-grabbing breaches, the recent Log4j vulnerability discovery reminded us that serious threats can seemingly come out of nowhere and create significant new risk. It is another stark reminder that, in spite of the frequent occurrence of security breaches, few organizations are adequately prepared. There will be more zero-days impacting web applications, and it’s time to evaluate your readiness to respond.


Join Invicti Security Chief Product Officer, Sonali Shah, and Founder of NOC and CleanBrowsing, Tony Perez, for a discussion of:

  • Why the Log4j-related vulnerability is so significant
  • What organizational and process changes will improve your organization’s security posture
  • How to evaluate your security tool stack and determine if your team is properly equipped


Sonali Shah
Invicti Security Chief Product Officer
Tony Perez
Founder of NOC and CleanBrowsing