The Invicti AppSec Indicator

Spring 2022 Edition: Worrisome Vulnerability Trends in the Race to Innovation

Are severe vulnerabilities getting any scarcer? The short answer is no. Without proper preparation, big breaches and dangerous vulnerabilities continue to expose our blind spots. As you’re upgrading legacy tools, streamlining scans, and fixing disjointed teams, you must keep an eye on trends in vulnerabilities and potential threats to stay ready, stay agile, and open new doors for innovation.

Each year we analyze the most common web application vulnerabilities across thousands of assets and release the annual Invicti AppSec Indicator report. This year we analyzed aggregated usage data from 939 global Invicti customers who ran a whopping 23,630,985,830 security checks in 2021, which gave us a holistic view of vulnerability trends from automated scan results across regions.

Join us as we zoom in on some of the worst security flaw offenders that still plague DevSecOps teams today. We will also cover the AppSec best practices that will help us get a handle on these all-too-persistent flaws and improve security without sacrificing innovation.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why severe vulnerabilities aren’t getting scarcer
  • How to leverage these findings with the aim to improve your AppSec program
  • Tactics and initiatives to help prioritize web app security in your organization


Mark Ralls
President & COO
Mark Ralls is President and Chief Operating Officer of Invicti Security, a leader in web application security for more than 15 years. In his role, Mark leads several functions, including the company's Operations team. Mark has a passion for building scalable, high-functioning software companies, and sharing his experience with others.