AppSec Best Practices for Securing Cloud-based Web Apps and APIs

Web apps and APIs present a major risk for organizations of all sizes, according to the Verizon DBIR about two of every five breaches originate in a web app – and the problem is only growing. And in most organizations, innovation pressures still outweigh security priorities. So what can AppSec professionals do in order to reduce their web attack surface? In this presentation, Invicti Security Chief Product Officer Sonali Shah dives into the top five AppSec risks that every organization should be aware of and provides best practices for securing cloud-based web apps and APIs.


Sonali Shah
Chief Product Officer
Sonali Shah is Chief Product Officer at Invicti Security. A seasoned business and product leader, Sonali Shah brings more than 20 years of B2B SaaS and cybersecurity sector experience, having led product management, marketing, and strategy teams at companies such as HUMAN (formerly White Ops), Veracode, BitSight, and VeriSign, among others. Skilled at leading teams with a proven track record in bringing innovative solutions to market, Sonali is building on Invicti’s long history of innovation, transforming the application security market, with its enterprise Invicti and mid-market Acunetix solutions.